Plasmonics Electronically Addressable Super-Resolution – PEAR

PEAR-labs is specializing in photonic applications, especially in novel methods to facilitate microscopy beyond the diffraction limit. The current main product is a photonic chip which can be used to provide high resolution imaging beyond the diffraction limit  in conjunction with a state-of-the-art light microscope.

PEARLabs has developed such a ground-breaking optical chip which permits super-resolution imaging capable of visualizing structures far beyond the diffraction limit of visible light, exploiting addressable plasmonic elements (patent filed). The resulting photonic chip does not require the sample to be labelled nor does it require that the sample is placed in an unsuitable environment (e.g. vacuum) and therefore enables in-vivo imaging needed for life sciences aiming for high spatial resolutions. PEAR Labs have proven the concept of the technology developing early stage prototype and is aiming for lateral resolution below 40 nm.