Dominic Zerulla is the founder and CEO of PEARlabs, a company which specializes on providing commercial solutions for super-resolution imaging beyond the diffraction limit of visible light using a novel electronically addressable photonic chip since 2017. Furthermore, the company is offering novel nanoscale advanced functional materials. The company has access to more than 25 years of international research expertise in the fields of plasmonics, nano-optics and nano-physics.

Dr. Zerulla is also the founding member and principal investigator of the UCD Plasmonics and Ultra-fast NanoOptics group since his arrival in October 2004. Previously, following his studies in Physics (HHUD) and a PhD in Physical Chemistry (Wilhelm Ostwald Institute, University of Leipzig, Germany) he was the leader of the Biophotonics group at the Heinrich-Heine-University in Düsseldorf, Germany, where he made his Habilitation in the same group that developed the first optical configuration for surface plasmon polariton excitation. Furthermore, he was a visiting Professor for Advanced Optics at the Astrakhan State University, Russia in 2004, and was invited as a visiting professor to the prestigious research group of Prof. Xian Zhang (Plasmonics, Meta-materials) at the University of California, Berkeley in 2013.

Dominic authored four book chapters, more than 115 articles, patents, reports & letters in the fields of Surface Science, Nano Optics, and Plasmonics, and has given more than 112 talks on international conferences and at universities. He has been a key investigator in the SFI Strategic Research Cluster on Solar Energy Conversion (SRC SEC) and has been PI on a number of further competitive SFI, Enterprise Ireland and international grants, and additionally was awarded the UCD EMPS Teaching Award in 2008.